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Track Record

Built the professional and business capacity of more than 1100 journalists (450 females journalists) with basic, advance and investigative journalism skills.

Established 10 radio stations and built the professional and business capacity of more than 60 media outlets.

Advocated for women leadership in media and increased gender role in media management and technical positions by 30% in media outlets and organizations.

Improved the communication capacity of 30 Civil Society organizations with using media for social change skills, and built communication platforms between the media and civil society.

Developed Diploma and Degree University Journalism Curricula for university and college level Journalism Departments.

Produced and aired over 1000 radio and TV shows, documentaries, talks-shows, discussions, debates, analysis, features, etc.

Conducted more than 200 outreach events such as caravans, on-the-ground forums, door-door campaigns and town hall meetings.

Carried out over 12 Large multi-channel campaign and awareness raising projects on peacebuilding, health, education, good governance and resilience promotion programs.

Reached over 3.5 million audiences with awareness raising campaigns for social change and improvement in livelihood.