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Without a free press, there can be no free society.

Thomas Jefferson

The media has a vital role to play in shaping public opinion and promoting social justice.

Desmond Tutu
MediaINK – Media Development Organization

Professional & Ethical Journalism

Tailored Capacity Building
Learning Opportunities
Sustainable Learning Mechanisms

We belief that Professional and ethical reporting is the cornerstone to access to information. People deserve to know. We work to… read more

Enabling Environment for Freedom of Expression

Enabling Environment
Self-regulatory Media Landscape
Sustainable & Responsive Media

We implement programmes to help the development of professional, free and independent media to promote freedom of… read more

Media for Social Change

Communication Channels
Community Focused
Lasting Effects

We believe that media does not only play an indispensable role as the fourth estate, but it is also a vital instrument for social… read more

About MediaINK

MediaINK is the first effective Somali media development organization in Somalia and Somaliland, set-up under the aegis of Free Press Unlimited in 2011, and spun-out as an independent entity in 2016.

Since 2011, the Media INK has produced over 544 high-quality media productions and worked effectively across every media channel in Somalia and Somaliland. Media INK has trained over 620 journalists, who continue to work closely with MediaINK from all regions.

High-quality Media Productions
Journalists Trained

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