About us

Core values

Pursuing critical voices, opinions, credible data, and operating free from corruption and external sources
Advocating for freedom of speech and expression and practicing sustainable media based on the fundamental journalistic principles
Connecting and working with relevant stakeholders to build an infrastructure conducive to access to fair and free information

Why Media INK

The media plays a crucial role as information provider, discussion platform and a means for empowerment of underrepresented groups, such as women. Media should be a facilitator for democracy, a watchdog and an advocate for an inclusive society in which human rights are respected.

Unprofessional and partisan media causes tensions and distrust in society, whereas trusted, balanced and independent media contribute to accountability. Independent media are essential in enabling democracy and safeguarding human rights. Citizens cannot exercise their rights or take part in public debate if they do not have access to factual information and have no possibility to express their opinions. Journalism and media houses play an important role, their job is to inform educate and entertain. This noble profession is facing many challenges in Somalia.

Media INK endeavors to foster press freedom and access to credible information while at the same time working with other key stakeholders to work towards a just society through the creation of avenues that contribute towards media professionalism and accountability


Media INK is established as the first Somali Media Development Organization. Media INK is a spin-off of the activities carried out by Free Press Unlimited from 2011 up to the establishment of Media INK. Media INK is run by former employee of Free Press Unlimited under the supervision of the board of trustees. Activities carried out by Media INK are funded through Free Press Unlimited.

Mission and vision


To spur accountability through advocating for essential platforms for dialogue: between political institutions, civil society groups and communities where the voiceless have a chance to participate in creating a just society for all. .


To build a society with a credible and trusted pluralistic media landscape, free access to information and an unhindered freedom of expression.

Guiding Principles

- Right to self determination
- Right to freedom of expression
- Having access to information
- Participation in determining the future of society through public debate

Our Core Believes

- Information empowers people
- Informed citizens make decision based on facts
- Informed citizens take part in the democratic process
- Informed citizens hold decision makers accountable and fight injustice
- Informed citizens have impact on their surroundings

Governance Structure

Media INK believes in cooperation and collaboration in order to have a lasting impact in the Somali media landscape. Cooperation and collaboration start with clear structure and understanding of roles and responsibilities. The highest governing body of Media INK is the Board of Trustees (BoT). The BoT is responsible for the strategic steering of the organization. The specific tasks of the BoT are set out in the bylaws of the organization.

The BoT approved the standard operating procedures (financial and administrative) of the organization, and has an oversight in terms of annual planning and financing.

The board of Trustees appoints the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The BoD consist of two directors (director of operations and director of programs). This maximizes the transparency and accountability of the organization and allows time for developing effective interventions.