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Established as the first Somali media development organization, Media INK is a spin-off of Free Press Unlimited. With 22 qualified journalists who works as editors, producers, consultants, program managers and under the management of two directors, Media INK operates fully equipped radio recording studios, TV studios and training facilities in Hargeisa. These studios and training facilities use the latest technology and together with the qualified journalists carryout effective media development and media campaign projects.


‘’Our vision is to contribute to a more informed and equal society where effective media platforms inform, entertain and educate the public, promote freedom of expression and access to information’’

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Media INK operates a fully functional media training centre in Hargeisa. The centre is run by experienced journalist trainers...
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This training centre has state of the art TV and Radio recording studios operated by qualified journalists...
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Media does not operate in a vacuum. There are many other actors doing incredible work to help shape a better society...
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An important tool to improve the effectiveness of the media outlets is to find out what their listeners, viewers or readers think or want...
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Together with our partners like the media associations Media INK is working towards analyzing the current legal frame works in the different regions...
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The primary role of the media in society is to Inform, Educate and Entertain. The media provides fact-based, balanced and reliable information to the public so...